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Saturday 30 June 2012

Susan Graham at the Wigmore Hall


So glad I went to this. Such brilliant singing and a real treat for me - I don't expect to hear singing of this quality live more than a handful of times a year. You can listen on iplayer, but it sounds so different - it's still very nice, but the voice is even more beautiful in the hall.

Anyway, I reviewed it for Bachtrack. The Bachtrack editor changed some of the "One"s to "I"s, which looks a bit jarring to me, but maybe it reads better for other people. I realise it's purely a taste issue, but for me, "one noticed how well preserved the voice was" puts an objectifying distance on it, whereas "I noticed how well preserved the voice was" just seems like a story, or a stream of consciousness observation. Interesting to be challenged on it, and I might bear it in mind and change my style in the future to omit either "one"s or "I"s. Also this is not my most elegant prose, but it basically communicates what I felt about the thing.

Here it is:

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