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Friday 8 February 2013

An Observation

22 of the last 50 opera productions I have seen have had one or more chairs thrown in them.

It is my pet hate in opera direction.


  1. Maybe you can start the opera version of Ebert's Movie Cliches, and the thrown chair can be a sister to the Fruit Cart Scene? (

  2. There's an idea! There are probably too many if we include the works themselves - 18th and 19th century opera is basically entirely constructed out of clichés!

    But we could do director clichés. Zerbinetta at Likely Impossibilities has done a few posts on this topic, though I can't find them. The one I remember most is the stage within a stage one which is very in vogue.

    But chair throwing is SUCH a clumsy and painful to watch directorial decision. In my real life I have seen it happen only once when someone was angry.

  3. I remember reading one recently over at Zerb's: the kind of anguished clasp that the ladies-in-waiting always hold their hands in.